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Louie Roberts

Louie (the Labradoodle) is a 9-month-old pup, whose mission is to bring joy and tails wags to those around him. He can take a “ruff” day, and make it better!

Born and raised in the Terre Haute area, Louie has a love for all things related to community events and supporting community causes – especially when it involves other pup pals! When he isn’t busy greeting the mailman on the sidewalk, or serving as neighborhood watchdog from those sneaky squirrels – Louie can be found snoozing, playing fetch, or improving the time on his zoomies. This pup also loves to show off his tricks! From high-fives, to whisper and speak – Louie will learn just about anything to earn a treat!

We think it’s imPAWsible not to love this guy!

Suggested price: $5.00

Total Funds Raised: $390.00