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Gracie Mae Kelsheimer

Gracie Mae and Harlie Lee are five year old Shih-Tzu brother and sister. They have never been apart; we got them when they were 8 weeks old. They are me and my husband’s heart and soul. They are sweet, sassy, smart, protective and loveable. Harlie is very protective of the youngest grandchild He will lay beside him while he’s sleeping, and will not move until he gets up; he is on high alert at all times, barely sleeping himself. Gracie loves cats, especially kittens, who she tries to mother. Gracie is also our protector, at a little over 7lbs, she thinks she’s six foot tall and bullet proof. Gracie and Harlie are indeed our best friends. They love us unconditionally, and are loyal to the bone. At times, I think we could all take some lessons from them (dogs) on how to treat one another.

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